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Our goal is to stimulate the Cambodian economy by developing the skills of local workers, thereby enabling them to compete for high-paying remote work positions.

Cambodians Rising Above Incomplete Education and Low Local Wages: AngkorHUB Academy Provides A Roadmap to Success

The goal of AngkorHUB Academy is to make it possible for Cambodians to obtain remote working positions by increasing their skill-sets in the areas necessary to be chosen for these jobs. While there are many free online resources available already, knowing where to find them often proves difficult. Additionally, staying motivated and understanding how to study is a major obstacle for the target population. Despite the prevalence of online resources for skill-building, the actual follow-up to complete a program (and the implementation afterward) are not innate competencies for those whom the Academy seeks to assist and therefore, the need for a structured program with a mentorship aspect is high. Many young adults with university degrees graduate still lacking the most basic skills necessary to be successful in the world of work. The Academy, in addition to providing technical skills training, will also have required benchmarks for continued participation, which will include areas like business communication basics and how to study effectively.

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